Adventures in Learning
               21 Burnt Mill Rd
               Wells Me 04090

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Our staff uses the approach of positive guidance. The use of redirection, role modeling appropriate behavior and responses, natural consequences, elimination of potential problems and teaching children to resolve conflicts on their own and with the help of a teacher or peer facilitator in an appropriate way. It is the responsibility of teachers and parents to present a united front when dealing with children's behaviors. Children respond positively  to adult's role modeling socially responsible  behavior. 

Parents are expected to support appropriate tone of voice and behavior at AIL. A child's removal from the group will be used in severe situations (hurting someone, persistent disruptiveness) or when the child needs to gain control and observe the positive interactions of others.

If a child demonstrates consistent aggressive behavior or discipline problems there will be documented observations done by the teachers and communication with parents will be a priority. If behavior does not improve or has gotten worse, and if the teacher and director feel it is necessary, a professional referral or alternative childcare arrangements may be made  based on the communication of Director and parent.


ADVENTURES IN LEARNING offers diversity within our program. We offer an anti-bias curriculum and encourage families to share their cultures with the children. Books, dolls, posters and foods provide the children with a chance to experience different cultures. The teachers include multicultural materials and activities naturally within the curriculum so it does not appear to be "different" Children with barriers to learning will find activities that help include them in the play of other children, differences in abilities will be embraced and offer all children an opportunity of acceptance and inclusion.


ADVENTURES IN LEARNING is a for-profit childcare center. We accept all children regardless of race, sex, creed or color. Our program serves children ages six weeks through 5 years of age. Upon enrollment, several forms MUST be completed. Those forms include a parent child application information packet, medical information and or inoculation record and a contract based on parent and child needs. At any time a parent may request to see a copy of State of Maine Licensing Rules for Child Day Care Centers.

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