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Tuition payments are to be paid weekly. Our center is funded solely by tuition so it is imperative that tuition payments be made on time. 

*If your child is sick or stays home for any reason there will be no credit given and he/she will not be allowed to "make-up" the days missed. Our staff planning is based on your contracted hours and we plan to have all staff here even if your child does not attend. All contracts are individualized and offer parents the best opportunity to meet their families personal childcare needs.


Two weeks notice is required prior to withdrawal of your child from ADVENTURES IN LEARNING. If we do not receive written notification, the parent is responsible for two weeks tuition to cover costs. We at ADVENTURES IN LEARNING are sympathetic to extreme circumstances but encourage parents to recognize their responsibility to the best of their knowledge and ability to communicate needs as they arise. All our actions as parents and teachers affect our children. The ADVENTURES IN LEARNING TEAM wants to minimize the stress of a child losing the opportunity to attend AIL and will work with parents to meet these goals.


We offer discounts for families with more than one child enrolled at our center. The discount is 5% off the older child's tuition rate. This information will be addressed in your contract with AIL.


There will be a late charge of $35.00 if your child is picked up after 5:30 pm. The late fee will be paid directly to the teacher who stayed late with your child. If there is an emergency and you cannot pick up your child before closing you need to contact us immediately any waiver of the late fee will be determined by the director. Things such as running errands, going to the bank or running late will incur a late fee.


Any tuition checks returned for insufficient funds will incur a $35 fee.


 INFANTS: $7.00 per hour- contracts for infants are individualized with parents. All food, drinks and personal items are supplied by parents.  Infants limited to a class size of 4. 

TODDLERS: 18 months to 24 months of age              

40 hours: $5.50/ hour                       

30 hours: $6.00/hour 

20 hours: $6.50/hour                                

10 hours: $7.00/hour 


TODDLERS: 24 months to 3 years of age 

40 hours: $5.40/hour

30 hours  $5.90/hour                                                                     

20 hours: $6.40/hour                            

10 hours: $7.00/hour  


PRE SCHOOL ENRICHMENT: 3-5 years of age

40 hours: $4.90/hour

30 hours: $5.40/hour

20 hours: $5.90/hour

10 hours: $6.40/hour

*2 snacks included (morning and afternoon) for children 18 months and older, as well as all drinks; organic milk, water and occasional juice.


*PARENTS should update immunization forms when re-contracting.


5% discount for 2nd child, 10% discount for 3rd child (rates based on youngest to oldest)  

All Contracts are customized and based on minimum rates.

 Children arriving before or after contracted hours will be billed per negotiated contract..   

Contract required for minimum rates. 

* Rates subject to change with notice.

It is the intent to offer fair, customized options for parents. Please communicate your needs and we will do our best to work with you within the parameters of good childcare practices.  

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