Adventures in Learning
               21 Burnt Mill Rd
               Wells Me 04090

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We at AIL provide 2 nutritious snacks a day, morning and afternoon, including fresh fruit, yogurt, as well as other snack foods, as well as all drinks; organic milk, water and occasional juice for children 18 months and older. All children under 18 months will need all food and drinks provided by the parents. This is to protect the young child while they are still being introduced to new foods, and to avoid any new introductions at our center that may cause an allergic reaction. 

Parents are to provide a lunch for their child. Please note we are a PEANUT FREE CENTER- DUE TO SEVERE ALLERGY. Sunbutter or almond butter would be great substitutes for a “pb & j.”

If desired, birthday treats may be provided by the parents for the child's birthday. Please speak with your child's teacher regarding the criteria for food products brought into the center by parents. All food items should come in a sealed, dated, package which includes ingredients from a local grocery store only. Homemade foods unfortunately may not be given to other children.

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