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We do not allow any child to leave the center with anyone other than the child's parent or persons listed on the enrollment form. If others are to pick-up your child the center must be notified. When dropping off your child, personally bring him/her into the building, please be sure to communicate with a teacher at each pick up and drop off time.

PLEASE HOLD YOUR CHILDS HAND IN THE PARKING LOT. PLEASE do not lift your child over the playground fence but rather go through the building for pick up and dismissal.

Please check your child's cubby every day. Information from teachers, the director, newsletters and children's work are placed in the cubby. Children take pride in every project they work on. Please take these home daily.

As a safety matter: If your child will not be in attendance please call and let your child's teacher know. As a Team we will call to be sure your child is healthy, safe and not forgotten. Our calling takes time away from our program, therefore parents should please text or call center to let us know when your child is absent and for what reason. This ensures the health and safety of all our children. 

PLEASE ENTER AND EXIT PARKING LOT WITH THE THOUGHT THAT THERE MAY BE A CHILD PRESENT. Inclement weather may provide slippery surfaces that prevent vehicles from stopping. A sliding vehicle could easily crash into and through the walls of our school. Staff takes a serious approach to violations regarding the safety of the children.


Any staff member that suspects a child in his/her care has been the victim of child abuse or neglect is required by law to report our suspicions. All childcare workers and teachers in the state of Maine are mandated reporters.


All medication must be labeled and stored in the original container. A medication authorization form, indicating the dosage and time of administration, needs to be filled out by the parents. Your child's teacher will initial the chart and indicate the time the medicine was given.


If your child needs immediate medical assistance our ADVENTURES IN LEARNING Team member will call 911. If possible, we will request your child be taken to the hospital listed on his/her enrollment form, however, the final decision will be made by the paramedics.

If your child is injured at the center the teacher who is supervising your child will fill out an accident report in detail about what happened, the first aid received (ice pack, band-aid) and you will receive a phone call if we feel it is necessary. If you receive an injury report please be sure to sign it so we can keep it on file and you will receive a copy as well.


Children should be dressed in comfortable, easy to care for clothes. Layering your child's clothes helps us keep your child comfortable throughout the day as weather is ever changing on the coast of Maine. Clothing should be easy to play in and appropriate for the particular weather conditions. We do provide paint smocks for activities which are messy, however, children will get dirty. Comfortable play clothes are most appropriate. Sneakers are best. Open sandals are discouraged as they expose the child to unnecessary injury and are prone to slips, splinters and stubbed toes. Sandals with toe coverings are preferred.

We are required by the state licensing rules to provide at least one hour of outside time per day, weather permitting, even when it is cold. We will go outside when the temperature, including wind chill, is 20 degrees or above. Children will need boots when it is muddy or cold. Please label all hats, mittens and boots.

Your child will also need a complete change of clothing which will be kept in your child's backpack. All clothing should be labeled.


All children have the opportunity to rest each day after lunch. Each child should bring his/her own nap mat or sleeping bag. Every Friday we will send them home to be washed. They must be returned the following Monday. We encourage children to rest at least one hour each day. Older children have options for quiet activities or reading on their mats or in quiet areas. A quiet rest time is required by the State of Maine Licensing for all children.


In general we ask that all children's toys be kept at home if they are valued by the parent. We cannot be responsible for lost or broken toys. We do not allow toy guns, knives, toy swords or any toys of destruction which encourage violence or aggressive play. A small toy or game that fits in your child's cubby is allowed. However, communication with your child about the concept of sharing is encouraged. If a toy cannot be shared at any point in a child's day it should be kept home. Please do not allow your child to bring in valuable items that cannot be replaced if damaged.

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